Dramatically Increased SFTP Speed in Syncovery 9

Today, we released the first beta version of Syncovery 9 for Windows. It includes a new SFTP implementation based on Putty. We call it the TGPuttyLib, which is a DLL based on the psftp tool from PuTTY.

This is a major breakthrough in several areas:
  • SFTP speeds have been dramatically increased. It can fully use your Internet bandwidth and reach upload transfer rates of over 100 MB/sec.
  • Jobs can run in “Background with Preview” by right-clicking or by choosing the running option from the Gears toolbar button menu. This is very useful.
  • In addition to improved speeds, TGPuttyLib can work with all private keys that you can use with PuTTY.
  • Syncovery can now back up NTFS permissions and alternate data streams to cloud storage.
  • Support for high resolution monitors has been added.
  • TGPuttyLib is open source and available to all interested software developers.